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Gum Disease: Treatments And Cures

United Smiles | Treatments And Cures | Dentist MerndaGum disease refers to an inflammation of the gum line that can advance to affect the bone surrounding the teeth. Gum disease appears in three stages:


It is characterized by the inflammation of the gums. Symptoms include some bleeding when brushing and flossing, or, some swelling or redness of the gums.


This is the second stage of this disease where the supporting bone, as well as the fibers that support the teeth, are irreversibly damaged.

Advanced Periodontitis

This is the most mature stage of gum disease, during which bones and fibers of the teeth are damaged. This can make your teeth to loosen or shift, and they may eventually be lost.

Because gum disease is progressive, at United Smiles in Mernda, we focus on treating gum disease early, and then preventing its return with care in your house and in our office