Your teeth your toothpaste a users guide dentist mernda

Your Teeth, Your Toothpaste – A User’s Guide

Your teeth your toothpaste a users guide dentist mernda

We have all been there, at the grocery store standing in the dental care aisle looking for a tube of toothpaste, and the amount of choices is so overwhelming that you grab the stuff that is closest to you on the shelf, and promptly leave, wondering if you grabbed the best option.

United Smiles has put up this post to help you decided if you are using the best toothpaste for your oral health needs.

Not surprisingly, different dental issues can call for different toothpastes an it is important you know your own mouth and what toothpaste is best for it.

A Full Smile Makeover Is Life Changing mernda dentist

A Full Smile Makeover Is Life Changing

A Full Smile Makeover Is Life Changing mernda dentist

Many people believe a dazzling smile is one key to a successful life, and scientific studies seem to bear that out.

At United Smiles, we completely agree — we’ve seen first-hand the kind of transformations that are possible with major smile improvements.

But we also know that we have plenty of potential patients who are currently unhappy with their smiles. They may have discolouration that hasn’t responded to teeth whitening treatments, teeth with chips, breaks, cracks, or stains.

When is Tooth Bonding the Right Treatment?

Tooth Bonding A Quick Answer To Dental Problems warner lakes dentist FTooth bonding is a (mainly) cosmetic dentistry procedure that corrects problems associated with aesthetically unpleasing or slightly damaged teeth.

The procedure gets its name from its application of a tooth-colored resin material that is “bonded” to the tooth using a high intensity curing light. Tooth bonding is one of the treatments that your United Smiles dentist offers to help repair your teeth and improve their look.

To decide if tooth bonding is the right treatment for you, it is necessary to know a bit about the procedure, including how it is done, how long it lasts, and what you can do to keep your bonded teeth in place and looking great!