Tips to Maintain Your Dental Health This Holiday Season

Tips to Maintain Your Dental Health This Holiday Season

Tips to Maintain Your Dental Health This Holiday SeasonThere are plenty of reasons to smile during the holiday season – friends, family, and all those beloved holiday traditions. For most people the holidays are a time to loosen up a bit about what you eat, and that often includes indulging in sweets and sugary drinks.

Sweet as the holidays may be, however, sugar-rich treats and drinks can do a number on your pearly whites.  At United Smiles, we’ll work with you to make sure you get through the holidays with your dental health intact.

The Dangers of Sugar

Tooth decay forms after sugar’s interaction with the acids produced by natural bacteria living in your mouth. When you consume sugar the bacteria increase the acidity in your mouth. The acid can wear the enamel off your teeth, leaving them weak and vulnerable. Eventually, holes in the enamel will lead to cavities and, if untreated, pain and damage to the tooth.

Tooth Reshaping: Putting your Best Face Forward

Tooth Reshaping: Putting your Best Face Forward

Tooth Reshaping: Putting your Best Face ForwardEveryone has heard the saying, “Smile and the whole world smiles with you,” but what if you are afraid to smile? People who have cracked, chipped, or irregularly or oddly shaped teeth can be afraid to smile.

The good news is that a dental procedure called tooth reshaping can be just the ticket to a more beautiful smile.

What is Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth reshaping, and/or contouring, is one of few immediate cosmetic dental treatments. Dental reshaping and contouring can correct crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth and sometimes even overlapping teeth in just one session. Tooth reshaping is often used to alter the length, shape or even position of teeth.


Suffering from Dental Phobia? Try Sleep Dentistry

suffering-from-dental-phobia-try-sleep-dentistry-mernda-dentistDental phobia is one of the top reasons why many Australians avoid their dentist (aside from cost, of course). Because of extreme fear or anxiety thinking about the pain factor of needles and drills, patients would rather endure the pain caused by a toothache than visit the dental clinic.

Avoiding dental visits due to fear compromises the health of your teeth and gums and overall well-being. If you are one of that 30% of the population who suffers from dental anxiety or phobia, we at United Smiles can help you overcome this with our sleep dentistry.


Why are Mouthguards Important For Active People?

why-are-mouthguards-important-for-active-people-mernda-dentistMouthguards are important appliances for people with active lifestyle. A good mouthguard offers a reliable method to protect your teeth and reduces the risk of injury during contact sports and other recreational activities.

Choosing the right kind of mouthguard is important to the wellbeing of your teeth and gums. Aside from protecting them from injury, mouthguards are also used for correcting teeth alignment issues.