4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy mernda dentist

4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy

4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy mernda dentistThere is an urgent call for expectant mothers to pay more attention to their oral health and dental hygiene habits. That’s because the ADA (Australian Dental Association) has released a new survey revealing an alarming percentage of pregnant women jeopardising their oral health. 53 per cent of pregnant women across the country are not visiting their dentist during pregnancy.

At United Smiles, we are not just about restoring and enhancing your smiles. We are also passionate about improving your wellbeing, including that of the baby developing inside you. We can start it by improving your oral health at home and in our clinic. Below are useful tips for taking care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant.

Adult Braces: Never Too Late for A Great Smile

adult braces - never too late for a great smile

It is true that changes in the structure of your mouth can be made easier if you are not yet over eighteen. However, orthodontists also indicate that adult patients can also get excellent results with braces even if they are not high school students anymore. Everyone, despite the age, can enhance their smile and that even includes having braces.

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists, there are an increasing number of adults who undergo orthodontic treatments. Nowadays, many adults are having the treatment to achieve straighter teeth and improved bites, as they understand the importance of maintaining their dental health and the advantage of owning great smiles. The number continues to grow considering that orthodontic treatment is a practical choice for almost any adult.

Oral Hygiene Instruction: Helping you Keep Your Teeth for Life

Oral Hygiene Instruction: Helping you Keep Your Teeth for Life

Good oral hygiene is important for promoting long-term overall oral health.

It helps fight and eliminate harmful oral bacteria and dental plaque in your mouth that may cause cavities and gum disease.

Most of all, it’s a simple and effective method to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life. Given that oral health is connected to overall wellbeing, good oral hygiene can help improve your general health.The more you know about how to clean your mouth properly, the better your oral health will be. Many people think they brush their teeth correctly until their dentist explains the proper technique to them.