4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy mernda dentist

4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy

4 Tips for Good Dental Health During Pregnancy mernda dentistThere is an urgent call for expectant mothers to pay more attention to their oral health and dental hygiene habits. That’s because the ADA (Australian Dental Association) has released a new survey revealing an alarming percentage of pregnant women jeopardising their oral health. 53 per cent of pregnant women across the country are not visiting their dentist during pregnancy.

At United Smiles, we are not just about restoring and enhancing your smiles. We are also passionate about improving your wellbeing, including that of the baby developing inside you. We can start it by improving your oral health at home and in our clinic. Below are useful tips for taking care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant.

Dental Implant Aftercare Guide and Tips mernda dentist

Dental Implant Aftercare Guide and Tips

Dental Implant Aftercare Guide and Tips mernda dentist

When a person lost his teeth, this could be due to combination of poor oral hygiene and a disease in the gums that made the teeth basically rot away in the mouth. Some people would opt for a full set of dentures, ѕаy goodbye tо their dentist аnd nеvеr ѕee them аgаіn.

In our dental practice, we have some new patients who come to us because of a denture failure or experienced a few accidents with their dentures.

Some got into a fight, top denture was smashed. Others played sports without a mouthguard, top denture got smashed. Some just sneezed too hard and their teeth flew, embarrassingly, across the floor and subsequently broke. Perhaps they are not good candidates for dentures, or the denture that their former dentist has provided was poorly fabricated. Aftеr visiting us, it was dесіdеd that the bеѕt route fоr them wаѕ tо gеt a dеntаl implant.

Sports Drinks Worst Beverage for Your Teeth mernda dentist

Sports Drinks: Worst Beverage for Your Teeth

Sports Drinks Worst Beverage for Your Teeth mernda dentist

Yes. Believe it or not, sports drinks are one of the worst beverages for your teeth. Sports drinks contain electrolytes, which are helpful to sustain energy levels when you engage in intensive activities. They are also a tasty alternative to water, making it a staple for young people as well.

On the other hand, many people don’t realised that sports drinks are not healthy for their teeth. The majority of sports drink brands deliver far more acid and sugar than your teeth and body require. In fact, sports drinks are proven to cause three times more damage to teeth than soft drinks.

Most Common Dental Problems among Athletes

A study by British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that athletes are highly susceptible to the following dental problems: tooth decay, periodontal disease, enamel erosion, and infected wisdom teeth.

Dental Check-up & Teeth Cleaning: Restores Oral Health after the Holidays

Dental Check-up & Teeth Cleaning- Restores Oral Health after the Holidays - mernda dentist

People return to their normal lives after the holidays. They’re back to their routines while the memories of festive days remain deeply in their minds. Since the holidays are the season where most individuals tend to forget their health, they become busy burning the excess calories at the gym through strenuous workouts.

On the other hand, your teeth also deserved to be pampered after a heavy holiday indulgence. Eating sugar-packed foods are almost impossible to resist, so your dental team at United Smiles Dental is here to rescue your teeth by keeping them clean and free from tooth decay. As you welcome a new year, be committed to protecting your teeth by preventing the development of any dental problems. You can easily do this through dental check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.